Liz Veysey

I have an Advanced diploma in counselling and psychotherapy and having achieved accreditation from the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, adhere to their standards of professional and ethical practice.

I am passionate about my work. I focus upon developing a strong relationship with my clients so that I can really get underneath the skin of their problems from their point of view. My clients are given the opportunity to explore what is happening and make sense of it. They can benefit from discovering what they really want and, in an atmosphere where they can feel safe to grow, to work towards them making changes, and building a sense of their own autonomy.

How I work 

Whereas my original training was in Person Centred counselling, I use attachment theory and neurobiology to inform my current work, using body work and mindfulness in collaboration with clients. 

In the first few sessions, I really listen and do my best to understand the challenges you face. I regularly check out with my clients whether I have ‘got’ them. As we ‘unpick’ problems together, it is not uncommon for clients to get a different perspective or find the strength to make changes they want. All the time it is a process of us both exploring together. This means that I don’t tell you what to do, nor give advice but encourage you to find solutions that you find for yourself.

Most of the time this is a process involving talking, but I sometimes offer the use of body work and mindfulness as well as other creative ways of working. such as empty chair work, modelling, sand-tray and artwork to help get an insight into what is going on. Not everyone wants this of course, and it is important to be true to yourself in how we work together

I work from my home address in quiet location with plenty of off-road parking in South East Cornwall. My comfortable and very private counselling room is in a separate building from the house.  All counselling sessions can be for 1 or 1,½ hours long, with individuals, couples or counselling supervisees.

Couples Therapy:
Couples therapy can provide invaluable insight into the workings of your relationship, whether familial, friendship, romantic, marriage. How we relate to one another has a profound impact on our wellbeing and function in the world and choosing the option to look at it more deeply is a courageous step. Couples counselling is offered to any couple wishing to take a deep look at their relationship and its workings. Whilst the past necessarily influences the present, my approach with couples is to work in the here and now and explore the intricate dynamic between you such as:

  • What habits of relating do you have individually and together?
  • What patterns have you fallen into? What matters to you most?
  • How do you hear one another? Where are you not hearing?
  • What do you want from each other?
  • What are you experiencing in your body as you relate to each other.


Individuals1 hr £551½ hrs £70
Couples1 hr £75 1½ hrs £90
Counselling Supervision1 hr £601½ hrs £70