“if you need a thoroughly decent person to listen and understand you, and the challenges you face, then Liz is wonderful and I am much indebted to her. Just a few hours with her, has restored my confidence and enabled me to think through an issue I had previously thought insurmountable. And she generously allows you to think you got there on your own!

“When I first met Liz my head felt heavy with struggles of the past of the future. I felt I couldn’t unburden this weight alone.  I had never thought of seeing anyone about this until I reached out to Liz. Liz with such kindness and patience listened and showed me how to unlock parts of me I never realised existed. The work is enlightening and refreshing. It truly is the best decision I have ever made.” 

“Counselling with Liz had helped me put everything in perspective and that I now feel stronger and happier and able to continue my caring role with a better grace.”

“With Liz’s support, encouragement, patience and gentle guidance to find my own answers, I have now recovered my confidence and self-esteem and also developed a self-understanding, which I did not possess before my illness.”

“Everybody needs a Liz.”